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Ways to Model executive functions in the classroom

72 Ways to Model Executive Functions

Posted In Teaching On November 9, 2023

Students are not only recipients of knowledge but keen observers of the world around them. As they develop executive function skills, the importance of modeling behaviors cannot be overstated.  Teachers help lay the groundwork by exemplifying positive values, nurturing strong character, fostering a growth mindset, encouraging effective communication, promoting critical thinking skills, and cultivating empathy.  By showing your own executive function skills in action, students are able to start to conceptualize these ideas that can otherwise feel too abstract. When you explain to your students how you used self-control to manage your reaction to an upsetting trigger, they gain an understanding of the concept of self-control and its impact.  Students who observe and engage in positive discussions about skills like self-control, sustained attention, time-management, organization, and flexible thinking are able to start taking ownership and find their own intrinsic motivation for growth.  The following modeling series provides 9 ideas in each of the 8 executive function skills for how to demonstrate the strategies you use in your daily life to complete tasks and reach goals.  Feel free to download the entire series to use with your students in your classroom!


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