Cerebrate – An online platform for educators
to teach executive functions

Platform Benefits

  • Empower your students
  • Save time correcting behaviors
  • See more productivity
  • Help students meet expectations
  • Improve learning experiences

Student Evaluations

  1. Rate Behaviors
  2. Identify Deficiencies
  3. Chart Proficiency
  4. Plan Instruction

Cerebrate’s executive function evaluation tool rates the common behaviors associated with skill deficiencies in each of the eight executive function categories. The initial evaluation provides a baseline chart of proficiency levels, in addition to proficiency charts in each individual skill area. The initial evaluation also creates a report of key challenges to address, so educators can see the direct correlation between the behavior, the challenge and the skill and can then develop an effective plan for instruction.

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Customized Curriculum

  1. Choose group or individual instruction
  2. Determine challenges to address
  3. Decide lessons to teach
  4. Track instructional progress

Cerebrate curriculum customization for individual students, small groups and entire classes is based on student need. Educators choose the executive function challenges that are interfering with learning by either toggling specific challenges or completing an evaluation of student behaviors. Alternately, educators may utilize quickstart guides that target a specific subject area or an overarching classroom challenge.

Progress Monitoring

  1. Evaluate as Needed
  2. Chart Progress by Skill
  3. Compare Growth to Instruction
  4. Monitor Lesson Mastery

Cerebrate allows for evaluations as often as needed to track progress. Growth is charted for individual skills at each evaluation date to enable detailed analysis, and a report of lessons taught within each skill highlights areas for additional instruction. Additional lesson reports show mastery at a more granular level to give another view of student progress.

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