Cerebrate – A customized curriculum
to teach executive function skills

Lesson Features

Cerebrate Lessons:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Create engagement
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Teach problem solving
  • Encourage reflection

The Cerebrate lessons are engaging, easy to use, and written by a team of educators who understand the pressures in the classroom. Each of the three grade levels has over 200 lessons that address 64 unique challenges, and teachers can customize each student’s curriculum by simply choosing the student’s most significant challenges.  This allows for targeted instruction that addresses the struggles standing in the way of learning success.

Educator Guides

Provides teachers with:

  • Clear learning objectives
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Implementation ideas
  • Practical applications
  • Tiered intervention strategies

Each lesson is accompanied by an Educator Guide that provides lesson objectives, ideas for student collaboration and classroom implementation, and areas students may need extra support. Educator Guides also include two application ideas to encourage skill development and to serve as tiered interventions when needed.  The guides provide direction and ideas, but the educator still has the flexibility to utilize the lessons in ways that will benefit their students.

What is Executive Function Learning?

Seven key components of executive function instruction are incorporated into the Cerebrate curriculum, and they are based on the leading research in the field. As you look at the lessons, you will notice the following best practices:



Narrowing in on specific student struggles to know exactly what strategies should be used for improvement.

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Helping students recognize their individual accomplishments and growth to give them an intrinsic desire to improve.

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Partnering with students to build strong habits by listening actively, asking questions, and thinking critically.

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Providing a variety of activities and questions for students to express themselves, maintain focus, and invest in their learning experiences.

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Teaching with a direct approach and repetitive practices to provide students opportunities to self-reflect and monitor their own progress.

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Giving students the ability to associate specific skills to their own circumstances by practicing skills in real-life situations.

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Building awareness through self-reflection for students to respond to challenges in ways they are invested and interested in.

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Cerebrate by Age

Students of all ages benefit from developing executive function skills. Cerebrate lessons have three grade bands to ensure the language, examples, learning activities, and reflection questions are appropriate for the target age.

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Cerebrate Scope

Our comprehensive lesson scopes provide a tool for educators to plan learning experiences according to need. The skill categorization and lesson objectives will provide a big picture of how each lesson relates to the associated skill, challenge, and desired behavior. Click on the links below to view the Cerebrate lesson scopes for each grade band.

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